On an annual basis, Aqueos routinely completes several hundred miles of subsea external pipeline inspections utilizing in-house owned & operated Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV) as well as diver assisted inspections. These projects are completed in accordance with the Technical Guidelines mandated by the Mineral Management Service (MMS). Aqueos’ Diving & ROV Personnel are trained for all tasks in accordance with the Operator Qualification (OQ Rule) as mandated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) Pipeline water depths for projects completed to date range from 40 to 1200 feet. At the completion of each project formal reports are compiled documenting the findings of each inspection.

During our history, Aqueos has completed numerous pipeline repairs in different water depths utilizing manned & unmanned diving techniques on the West Coast; offshore California and Central America, as well as in the Gulf of Mexico. Pipelines have ranges in size from 6-inch to 24-inch in diameter. These repairs have been completed using pipeline end connectors and split clamps manufactured by Quality Connectors Systems (QCS), Oil States, PLIDCO and others.


On an annual basis, Aqueos routinely completes in-water subsea platform inspections in accordance with API RP2A guidelines. These in-water “jacket” inspection projects are completed to either a Level II or Level III/IV specification dependent on the date of the last inspection. Aqueos inspector divers are well trained and meet the requirements set forth by ASNT to complete VT/UT and MPI Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) type inspections. At the completion of each project formal reports are compiled documenting the findings of each inspection.


Aqueos has identified the demand to expand its operating lines to now include civil projects as well as Military contracts and the offshore Renewable Sector. To this end, the Company’s Management has invested in additional personnel and resources dedicated to this expanded market. Project Management, Logistics and Estimating support are strong on both coasts. We can provide surface, Nitrox, mixed-gas and saturation diving in water depths to 1,000’. Our marine fleet includes diving support vessels and ROV’s. We are classified as a ‘small business’ for federal projects.

Civil & Military Diving Services Brochure


Aqueos and/or its management team have participated in nearly every oil & gas abandonment project completed on the West Coast for the past two decades. These projects have included the 4-H abandonment project for Chevron removing platforms Heidi, Hope, Hilda & Hazel as well as the removal of Bird Island for BP/ARCO, the removal of Belmont Island for ExxonMobil, the Subsea Wellhead Abandonment Rig Sharing (SWARS) Project for Phillips, Chevron & Texaco and the ongoing Santa Barbara Channel Hazards Removal Program for the California State Lands Commission (CSLC).

Aqueos' participation on these projects have ranged from being the prime Marine Contractor providing the planning, engineering and project management, as well as the provision of marine crews and equipment inclusive of crane barges, deck barges and tugs, specialty sub-contractors for explosives and abrasive & diamond wire cutting services to the provision of diving and ROV support services only. These types of projects have also been completed in the Gulf of Mexico for several major operators.

Abandonment Services Brochure


Aqueos regularly provides UWILD Inspections for Deepwater Structures, Drilling Rigs and other floating structures. Aqueos is certified by Class Society UWILD & API RP2D for Inspection, Repair & Maintenance. We are also certified in the following:

Authorized Independent Outside Agency for NDT Level III Services

Qualified Personnel in Accordance with ASNT “RP SNT- TC-1A”

Electromagnetic Current Inspection - ECI

Magnetic Particle Inspection - MPI

Ultrasonic Thickness Testing - UTT

Cathodic Potential Reading - CP

Flooded Member Detection – FMD


Aqueos has completed numerous Marine Terminal projects. These projects have been completed offshore California and in the Central America region offshore Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador. These projects have included the installation and repair of subsea pipelines as well as pipeline end manifold (PLEM) structures and mooring anchor legs. On an annual basis Aqueos completes the maintenance and overhaul of several Marine Terminals located offshore California.


Aqueos has completed numerous ocean outfall repairs. This work includes the installation and repairs of outfall diffusers and main-line subsea repairs.






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