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Aqueos is uncompromising with regard to our dedication to the safety and health of people and the environment. All Aqueos employees are responsible for ensuring that operational discipline is sustained and a safety positive culture is nourished during field activities. Although management develops, models and demonstrates dedication to behavior based accident prevention objectives, employees are empowered and encouraged to have ownership in the process. This grassroots ownership translate directly into a stake in the success of the effort.

The commitment to safety excellence starts at the very top of the Aqueos organization and is realized at the deck level by personnel who truly believe all accidents are preventable. All personnel support an "Environment of Active Caring" by watching out for themselves, colleagues and other people in our work environment. This safety positive culture is clearly demonstrated by both the involvement of all personnel and exemplary performance as well. A strong Culture of Safety is so robustly integrated into the Aqueos work style that it has positively impacted client's processes as well as third party contractors. This dedication is extended into the industry and community at large.

Aqueos received IMCA membership as a Diving Contractor in 2015, and Aqueos has received certifications through DNV in three standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001.

Aqueos HSEQ Management System is compliant with: OSHA, IADC, ANSI, IMCA, and ISO standards. We are also affiliated with verification agencies such as: ISNetWorld, Avetta, NCMS, AWSI, DISA, ABS, DNV, VeriForce, and OQSG.

Many of our processes are considered "Gold Standard" in the diving industry. Furthermore, Aqueos has been able to sustain a 0.0 TRIR for 6 of the last 8 calendar years and continuously receives recognition for exemplary safety performance. Below is a list of recognition awards Aqueos has received: 

  • NOIA Safety & Seas Award Finalist 2019
  • Chevron Human Energy Award Outstanding Dive Team Performance 2019
  • National Safety Council Award of Honor 2016
  • Chevron Safety Excellence Award 2015
  • Chevron Pipeline HSE Leadership and Commitment - Silver Award 2015
  • EHS Publications America's Safest Companies 2014 
  • Chevron Pipeline Outstanding Crew Award  2011, 2014  
  • Louisiana Workforce Commission Works Safe Award 2013
  • Chevron EMC Best in Class Performance 2013
  • OSHA SHARP Designation 2013, 2014
  • Chevron Pipeline HSE Leadership and Commitment - Bronze Award 2014
  • Chevron Pipeline HSE Leadership and Commitment 2011
  • Chevron Pipeline Outstanding Stop Work Authority 2011
  • Chevron Pipeline HSE Leadership and Commitment 2009
  • Chevron Pipeline Outstanding Crew Award 2009
Aqueos Corporation's HSEQ Policy


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