Diving & ROV Services

Diving Services

Aqueos regularly provides surface air diving to 200 feet, surface gas diving to a water depth of 300 feet and saturation diving services to a depth of 1000'. Aqueos also provides Nitrox diving to maximize bottom time in certain situations. Aqueos has numerous air and mixed gas diving systems and has the qualified personnel as well as the properly maintained equipment to operate multiple air & gas projects simultaneously. Our diving equipment is built and maintained to the most stringent standards and our personnel are among the most highly skilled in the industry. Complementing our diving personnel and equipment, our newbuild special purpose vessel, SPLASH, is setting the new standard for liveboating in the Gulf of Mexico.

Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Services

Aqueos maintains an ROV fleet of three systems to draw upon. They are capable of accomplishing a variety of tasks in water depths up to 3,000 feet, ranging from inspection class vehicles to light work class systems. All of our ROV systems have been manufactured by leading ROV manufacturers with proven track records for reliability and performance. Aqueos sustains a full inventory of equipment to outfit our ROV systems, ranging from high-resolution low light color zoom cameras, ultra-low light SIT cameras, scanning and profiling sonar systems, 35mm still cameras and strobes, digital still cameras and strobes and laser scaling systems capable of remote precision measurements. Aqueos also maintains a large inventory of underwater tools ranging from hard wire cable shears and soft line shears to underwater grinders and water jetting systems.

Our ROV fleet consists of a Hysub 20 light work class vehicle and a Phantom HD 2+2 inspection class vehicle. Each of these systems is designed for rapid mobilization. When coupled with our experienced ROV pilots and supervisors, they provide for enhanced performance when working on offshore platforms, pipelines, power and communication cables and dams, as well as performing inspections and surveys for insurance companies and research services for institutions and municipalities.


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