Aqueos Corp. Saturation Vessel Returning To GOM REGION after Successful Campaign in the Northeast

December 26, 2019

Broussard, LA – Aqueos Corporation mobilized its saturation diving vessel, DP2 DSV Kelly Ann Candies, to US North East Coast and completed saturation diving and ROV campaigns for multiple clients.

The Vessel conducted IMR work on multiple LNG offloading facilities in the area in depths down to ~350fsw. Work also included conducting 200T+ lifts for which Aqueos opted to mobilize local barges with winch spreads.

Jason Brink, campaign project manager, stated, “With our company entering into multiyear partnership with Otto Candies we now operate the saturation system onboard the Kelly Ann, maintain current audits & spares inventories and provide manning for all diving and ROV operations while Otto Candies marine crew remains focused on the vessel. This capitalizes on both company’s core competencies and after a lot of hard work we now have a fully functional saturation vessel that has demonstrated its full capabilities during these projects. We have 100+ bell runs under our belt during this campaign and looking forward to the Kelly Ann Candies returning back to the GOM region to start already awarded work in January 2020. “

This vessel demonstrated station keeping ability in harsh weather conditions, showcased the advantage of having a built-in state of the art multilevel saturation system that can accommodate saturation diving with rolling decompression, and helped solidify the great working relationship inside the ONE TEAM.

“These projects are a testimony to the hard work and tenacity of our highly skilled offshore and project management teams leveraging technology to mitigate risk to ensure safety of our crews and further supports our recently attained international accreditation”, comments Aqueos President and CEO, Ted Roche. Roche further commented “We look forward to more projects in this developing market while working in this region”.

For further information on Aqueos Corporation, visit or call the Aqueos offices at (337) 714-0033 or (805) 676-4330.


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