Aqueos Corporation Takes Delivery of Purpose Built SPLASH™ Dive Support Vessel (DSV) for Liveboating

June 8, 2015

Broussard, LA - Aqueos Corporation, a premier subsea services provider for the offshore oil and gas sectors of the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific West Coast, is pleased to announce the delivery of SPLASH™, a Special Purpose Liveboat and Survey Hull to specifically address safety concerns with traditional methods of Liveboating.

SPLASH™is a state-of-the-art vessel with twin jet drive propulsion and superior diving capabilities. This purpose built vessel addresses and mitigates inherent hazards associated with Liveboating. SPLASH™ is based on a proven, durable shallow-draft catamaran hull and power plant that produces a rugged, lightweight, stable, and high speed vessel. Built specifically for Liveboating, SPLASH™ has a built in dive control station with a 3-diver IMCA compliant manifold, deck decompression chamber, Nitrox air enriched diving system, a 6 x 5 Jet Pump, 5,000 lb. rated telescopic crane, berthing for 12 and a tailored diver recovery system.

Typical Liveboating involves a diver performing work underwater while the diver's hose is being tended from the bow of a propeller driven utility vessel, using its main propulsion system to keep position with the diver. SPLASH™, with its twin jet drive propulsion, is specifically designed to eliminate the two major risks associated with this practice. These are the potential of the diver's umbilical and equipment entanglement with the vessel propellers and the potential injury to the diver jumping from the high bow freeboard into the water. Other safety enhancements include: a "raised" pilot house with integrated 360° view to monitor diver position, joystick control for enhanced low speed maneuverability, as well as integrated USBL and diver work beacon to allow the vessel master to "see" the diver's subsea position relative to vessel position.

Ted Roche, President and CEO of Aqueos Corporation states, "SPLASH™ has been a collaborative effort between numerous stakeholders including: Aqueos management and supervisory personnel, Aqueos' valued client base and the vessel builder. Our company's goal is to leverage technology to mitigate risk and increase efficiencies, and SPLASH™ embodies this philosophy." Roche goes into say, "With SPLASH™, Aqueos further asserts itself as The Leader in Diving Safety".

SPLASH™ was manufactured by Metal Shark, LLC (Gravois Boats) of Jeanerette, LA who has been an instrumental partner to Aqueos in the design and construction of this well-crafted purpose built USCG Inspected dive support vessel. SPLASH™ and assigned crew have completed vessel sea trials and will immediately begin work on its first contract.

For further information on the availability of this vessel or more about Aqueos Corporation, visit or call the Aqueos offices at (337) 714-0033 or (805) 676-4330

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